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UK Bans TikTok for Government Devices

It seems that TikTok is facing increasing opposition from various governments worldwide. The app is currently banned on government-owned devices in the US, and the European Commission has also banned it on employees’ devices. Now, the UK government has joined in by banning TikTok from phones and other devices used by government ministers and civil servants due to security concerns.

The ban is a precautionary measure following a review that revealed certain platforms may pose a risk in terms of accessing and using sensitive government data. TikTok has expressed disappointment in the decision and claims that the ban is based on fundamental misconceptions and influenced by wider geopolitical factors that TikTok and its UK users are not involved in.

TikTok has repeatedly stated that it does not hand users’ data to the Chinese government. However, Chinese intelligence laws require companies to aid the government when requested, leading to concerns that the data on devices used by political leaders and officials could potentially fall into the hands of the Chinese government.

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