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The Samsung Galaxy A34 and A54 are now available in Europe

The Galaxy A34 and A54 were officially unveiled by Samsung today; however, the press release ended with a hazy statement that the phones “will be available in March” in Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

If you order an A34 or A54 from Samsung France today, you will receive a free pair of Galaxy Buds2, which are already available in some regions. The phones are also available from Amazon France, but instead of the Galaxy Buds2, they come with a 25W charger.
A free pair of Buds2 with the Galaxy A34 and A54 is also being considered for Brits. This is offered by both Samsung UK and Amazon UK at the present time. On March 23, shipping begins.

Although a launch date was not mentioned in the German press release, Amazon Germany claims that the two phones will begin shipping on March 24 and include a 30-day warranty. Samsung Germany only offers a discount on the Buds2, Buds2 Pro, and Buds Live, so there are no freebies here.

The Spanish press release says that the A-series duo will come out on March 31 and that users can get a free upgrade from 128GB to 256GB of storage. Amazon Spain is offering a comparable arrangement by adding a €50 coupon to the 256GB Universe A54, which drops its standard cost of €550 down to match the €500 sticker price of the 128GB model (and there is a straightforward silicone case too).

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