Review of Online Business Alliance: An Opportunity for Affiliate Marketing

Online Business Alliance is an established opportunity for affiliate marketing. Can you truly achieve success with OBA, which claims to help its members earn a substantial income and is based in the affiliate marketing industry?

A brief overview of the OBA business and opportunity can be found here.

The affiliate marketing business opportunity sector, which is constantly expanding at a rapid pace, includes Online Business Alliance. There seem to be thousands of these kinds of online opportunities, all promising to help you, the member, make a lot of money online. The program only costs $5 once, and there is no recurring fee involved. Albeit this sounds alluring, making monstrous progress through partner advertising on the web is troublesome and requires strong exertion and preparing.

E-books, replicated websites, hosting, landing pages, and products to sell from the replicated site are all part of what the OBA calls a “turnkey automated money making opportunity.” Although the OBA program does provide some instruction in Internet marketing, it does not appear to provide the one-on-one coaching and mentoring that is essential for new online business owners.

The remuneration plan is based on subsidiary promoting through the items and through selecting others into the business opportunity itself. Because the entry fee is so low and the commission that is earned through recruiting is so high, the affiliate business owner will only be able to make a sizable profit from this if they can bring in literally thousands of people each month. Although the products themselves are legitimate, they will only be in high demand if you effectively market them online. Due to the low compensation structure per sale, this also requires a steady monthly flow of traffic and conversions.

Although Online Business Alliance is a legitimate business opportunity in affiliate marketing, it has yet to demonstrate a significant return on such a modest initial investment. Before joining any online business or program, it’s best to do your research and at least talk to someone in person to get answers to your questions. However, for those of us who have made it big online, good Internet marketing training, good coaching and mentoring, and a willingness to take big steps are the keys to our success!