How to unroot HTC/Google Sooner?

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Welcome back to another awesome guide droid unbox team. In this, we’ll learn how to unroot HTC/Google Sooner android device with and without PC with minimal effort. Are you excited?

As we already learned the step by step to root the HTC/Google Sooner device, so we decided to teach our users unrooting guide in detail. Not every user wants to root their HTC/Google Sooner device permanently. They want to unroot their HTC/Google Sooner device but many of them don’t know the exact steps to unroot their HTC/Google Sooner device.

So Below we’ll guide you in-depth on how any novice user can unroot HTC/Google Sooner easily.


Droid unboxes and its editorial will not be responsible for any kind of loss. Use your presence of mind by reading the complete guide about the process of unrooting. But we’re sure that if you’ll follow our steps exactly then you’ll be easily unrooted your HTC/Google Sooner device.

What is Android Unroot?

Android unrooting is a process that can be used by users to remove the software blocks put in place by the manufacturer. There are a number of reasons for doing this, but most of them are related to issues with the phone’s performance or security risks. It is important to note that unrooting your phone will not restore it to its factory settings, nor will it make backup files from before unrooting disappear.

Why do You need to unroot HTC/Google Sooner?

Well, We already highlighted the main issue. But we elaborate on the concept again. Not everyone loved rooted devices permanently. So they want to unroot their HTC/Google Sooner device in order to get back their original limits. Another big reason is the warranty, apps not running, not getting system updates, and much more. So by frustrating with their rooted HTC/Google Sooner device they want to unroot their device. Sounds Good? As everything existing in the universe has its pros and cons. Unrooting also has its advantages and disadvantages. So below we mention some major merits and demerits of unrooting your HTC/Google Sooner device.

Merits Of Unrooting HTC/Google Sooner

One of the best things about unrooting is you’ll get your device’s original ability. Which makes your device strong, long life, and is secure. Everyone loves their privacy and wants to secure personal data. Now you can install all banking and finance-related applications on your device. You can update your android device on time and enjoy the new features.

Demerits of Unrooting HTC/Google Sooner

  • Disadvantages are opposite to the pros. In simple words –
  • You can’t customize your HTC/Google Sooner android device without system permission.
  • You’ll not able to any custom rom on HTC/Google Sooner device.
  • No more third-party apps access.
For every little customization, you need to take permission. Which is annoying for every user.

Guide To Unroot HTC/Google Sooner With KingoRoot – 1st Method

Make sure you follow the step-by-step guide to unroot your device properly.

Steps To Unroot HTC/Google Sooner Without PC

  • First, Download the KingoRoot application.
  • Next, Install it properly and open the application in your HTC/Google Sooner.
  • Once you open the application, Go to settings and click on remove Root.
As simple as that. Congratulation you successfully removed root from your HTC/Google Sooner android device without wasting huge time. Have you enjoyed the method? If you want to root HTC/Google Sooner device back then make sure you check out the recommended guide.

Guide to Unroot HTC/Google Sooner With One Click Root – 2nd Method

In this, you get another easiest way to remove root from your HTC/Google Sooner device. The difference between the above method and this method is paid. This method is paid and it’s only for those who don’t have enough time to do all these things by themselves. We recommend you this method if you don’t want to do the above guide yourself or you are too busy.

Steps to Unroot HTC/Google Sooner Device with One Click Root

  • First, go to the One Click Root Website here – Check Out
  • Then Scroll down and click on the “Unroot Button
  • Next, fill in your details.
  • Once you confirm your details, then the One Click Root employee will reach you remotely to unroot your device remotely.
This method will save you time & effort. They are delivering the next-level value to their customer. Want more information about unrooting your HTC/Google Sooner then make sure you Check out the One Click Root to solve your issue.

Final Words

Unrooting is not a big deal if you’re familiar with the rooting process and recovery process. But if you’re doing this the first time, then it’s 100% mess for you. Because many steps will go above the head right? That’s why we mention the second method which is paid but helpful if you’re a noob and don’t want to brick your device by doing critical steps yourself. Want to learn more about how to unroot then check out the official wikiHow here –

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