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How To Unlock Moto G Power/Stylus Bootloader?

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In this article, we’ll discuss everything about unlocking the bootloader of Moto G Power/Stylus step by step. By unlocking the Moto G Power/Stylus bootloader you can do a lot of things like, install custom ROM, recover files, and root your device.

In short unlocking, the bootloader is the first step that you need to do in order to customize your android device. Without unlocking the bootloader you can’t do anything mentioned above.

The unlocking process of the bootloader is a really easy process if you are already familiar with the custom world. but if you are new is ROMs, root world then we’re sure that it’ll fly away from your mind.

Say your device is rooted and you have the bootloader unlocked but now you have an issue that requires a firmware update from the manufacturer. Updates can only be applied to devices that are unlocked.

But, what are the benefits of unlocking your device’s bootloader? This article will discuss how it’s possible to save time and money by not having to wait for carrier approval, getting access to features like overlays, custom ROMs, and more without needing root rights.

But before going to the next step we want to educate you about the pros and cons of the bootloader.



Unlocking the bootloader is the main step to customizing your android device. So make sure you follow the unlocking steps properly. Skipping steps may cause your device to brick. Droid Unbox and its editorial staff will not be responsible for any kind of loss. Do it at your own risk.

What is Bootloader?

A bootloader is a small piece of software that helps your phone startup. It’s responsible for loading the operating system (OS) and other programs into memory, and it usually protects your phone against unauthorized changes. Some phones come with bootloaders that are unlocked, which means you can use different OSes or ROMs on your phone. unlocking a bootloader can sometimes be necessary if you want to install a new OS or firmware.

Benefits of Unlocking Bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader gives you multiple benefits. As mentioned below – Well, all these things sound good! But it all takes too much effort if you don’t know how things work in a proper way. So make sure you read all the mentioned guides carefully if you want to implement steps.

Demerits of Unlocking Bootloader

With pros unlocking the bootloader contains a number of demerits. Which should not be neglected. First, You lose the device security. Which is one of the main points why people don’t want to unlock the bootloader. Secondly, your device may show false behavior like lagging, closing apps automatically without permission, and more. Last but not least you can’t use a bank or finance-related applications.

Guide To Unlock Moto G Power/Stylus Bootloader

Follow the exact step-by-step process to unlock the device bootloader properly.

Vital Steps

This process doesn’t require lots of work before unlocking. You have to prepare your device by enabling the Developer option and OEM unlocking.
  • Enable USB Debugging
  • Unlock OEM
After doing this you clear the roadblock to unlock the bootloader.

Steps To Unlock Bootloader

  • First, download the depth test application.
  • Next, open the app and tap on Query Application Status Request submission
  • Now wait for a few minutes and then click on the back button
  • Open the Query Application Status
  • After that, it’ll show Review successful shows on your screen. Then click on start in-depth test
  • Your device will automatically enter into the fastboot mode after this process.
  • Next, connect your Moto G Power/Stylus device with a PC/Laptop
  • For this, you need to download and install fast boot into your PC/Laptop
  • After installing fastboot move the folder named “platform-tools” to the desktop
  • Next, open the platform-tools folder and then Right click + Shift
  • After that select the open command window here
  • Type “fastboot flashing unlock” in cmd window
  • Finally, press the volume button (UP & DOWN) to unlock the Moto G Power/Stylus bootloader.
Once you complete the steps. Your device bootloader will unlock and you can do all these things which are mentioned clearly in this article. Hope you love this article. If your question is in your mind then make sure you drop in a comment or email us. Our Team is working hard to solve your issues. Need more info about unlocking the bootloader then check out here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bootloader


The ability to unlock the bootloader on your Android device gives you the ability to install custom recoveries and kernels, root your device, and flash custom ROMs. There are a number of benefits to unlocking the bootloader, including: You can install custom recoveries and kernels that allow you to customize your device’s operating system and improve its performance. You can root your device so you have more control over its functionality and settings. You can flash custom ROMs that give your device a new look and improved features.

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