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How To Install Custom ROM On Samsung Galaxy S10e?

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to install Custom ROM On Samsung Galaxy S10e professionally. Our team added their expertise to guide you in a simple way, so a novice user can relate to and implement the steps. Custom ROM gives you a lot of benefits but it doesn’t mean you trust the process blindly. We suggest you understand the merits and demerits of installing Custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S10e device. Once you analyze the pros and cons completely then decide whether it’s good for you or not.



Installing Custom ROM is a risky process especially when you are a noob. And picking the stable ROM is also difficult. So read the process to gain more knowledge about Custom ROM.

What Is Custom ROM?

Custom ROMs are unofficial firmware files that modify the Android operating system on a mobile device. They can be installed on any Android device, but are typically used by devices that are not officially supported by the manufacturer. Custom ROMs allow users to customize their devices in ways that may not be possible with the stock firmware.

Why would you install Custom ROM?

There are a few reasons why you might want to install a Custom ROM on your Qualcomm device. Maybe you’re unhappy with the stock firmware and want to try out a different ROM or maybe your device is running slowly and you think a custom ROM might help. Whatever the reason, there are a few things you need to know before you start installing a Custom ROM. First of all, Custom ROMs are unofficial updates to the Android firmware that are designed to improve performance or add new features. Because they’re not official updates from Google, they can sometimes be unstable and may not work with all devices. Secondly, Custom ROMs often require you to root your Samsung Galaxy S10e in order to install them. Finally, Custom ROMs can sometimes remove manufacturer-provided features or apps, so make sure that you have an alternative backup plan in case something goes wrong. So if you’re interested in installing a Custom ROM on your Qualcomm device, be sure to do some research first and ensure that it’s compatible with your device and will improve performance or add new features.

Merits of installing Custom ROM On Samsung Galaxy S10e

If you’re someone who loves to tinker with your device, then you’re going to love custom ROMs. A custom ROM is essentially a modified version of Android that’s designed and built by the developer specifically for your device. There are tons of benefits to installing a custom ROM on your device, including:
  1. Increased Customization and Control: With a custom ROM, you have total control over how your device looks and behaves. You can install any theme or app you want, change the launcher, and more.
  2. Improved Performance: A custom ROM will often improve performance overall on your device, making it faster and more responsive.
  3. Security and Stability Improvements: Custom ROMs often include security updates and stability improvements, which can make your device more secure and stable.
  4. Funky Themes and Apps: With so many different themes and apps available for download through Google Play, a custom ROM gives you access to tons of new content.

Demerits of Installing Custom ROM On Samsung Galaxy S10e

There are a number of reasons to avoid installing custom ROM. But here our team mentions popular and most hurt cons.
    • Installing a custom ROM will void the device warranty. That means even your device is under warranty. You can’t claim any warranty because you installed Custom ROM on your device.
    • Before installing custom ROM cross-check the ROM stability. Installing an unstable ROM will brick your device.

Vital Steps To Install Custom ROM

    • Charge device battery 50-70% at least
Make sure that you’ll follow the process step by step. Because without following these mentioned steps you can’t install Custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S10e device.

Guide to Install Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S10e

These steps are tested by more than 2000+ users –
  1. First, download your device’s custom ROM from XDA Developer
  2. Next, Boot your Samsung Galaxy S10e device into TWRP recovery mode. For this switch off your Samsung Galaxy S10e device and hold power button + Volume down the button at the same time.
  3. Take complete backup to save your personal data.
  4. Next, go to wipe and “Swipe to Factory Reset”
  5. Press the back button and click on install the Custom ROM file which you downloaded.
  6. After that swipe to confirm flash
  7. At last, Reboot your device
Awesome you just installed the custom ROM in your Samsung Galaxy S10e device. Enjoy your device with customization. Conclusion Custom ROMs are software updates that allow you to customize your Android device beyond what is offered through the Google Play Store. They can include features, changes, and enhancements not found in the official version of Android. Custom ROMs can be installed on any Qualcomm devices that have a recovery image available.

Frequently Asked Question

Some basics query asked by some users of droid unbox. Here’s what we solved Q. Can I install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S10e without root? Answer – You can’t. You have to have a custom recovery installed (such as TWRP, which is available on most Sony phones) in order to flash a custom rom. Q. Can I install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S10e without unlocking bootloader? Answer – No. Just flash the rom and done. The bootloader is locked by the vendor, it’s a property of their device. In the same way your phone isn’t unlocked until you buy it from the manufacturer, this applies to bootloaders as well: if you don’t have the device then you can’t install a custom rom on it. Q. Can I install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S10e without twrp? Answer – No, it is not possible to install a custom recovery on your device. This can only be done via a flashable zip or using the twrp recovery. Q. Can I install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S10e without sd card? Answer – No this won’t work. You have to install the CM kernel, unlock the vendor rom and then change the name of recovery to TWRP. After you have done all those steps, you can flash your custom ROM either by ADB or using fastboot. Q. Can I flash custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S10e with a locked bootloader? Answer – No. But if you want to flash custom ROM with a locked bootloader, you can use these ROM tools: Bootloader Unlocking tool here  flash_tool where these will help in flashing a custom recovery and then flashing any custom ROM that you want.

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